I am writing this personal testimonial about the Elftmann Tactical AR-15 Drop-In trigger.

I’m retired Chief Gunners Mate Johnny Peques. I have served in the US Navy for 24 years as a weapons technician, weapons/tactical instructor and have trained military personnel in multiple firearms and weapon systems. I am also a Navy Special Warfare Armorer, which means I am trained on special weapon systems and to make modifications to weapons.

I believed this trigger system was developed to increase shooters capabilities. I found it to be five pound trigger right out of the package which is outstanding, but what makes it even more amazing is with a simple Allen wrench the trigger pull can be adjusted with half a turn. I tested this with a digital trigger pull system and with weights.  I have used and tested other drop in triggers that either claim you can adjust them or they are set at a specific weight and they do not compare. I have tested the trigger pull weight at 5, 4, 3 pounds and it was again OUTSTANDING and the trigger reset was incredible at all stages.  With the quick reset of the trigger it allows an increase in firing because standard triggers are seven pounds and slack in the trigger and the reset is long.  I brought it down to three pounds and pulled the trigger very fast which made the gun sound almost like an automatic weapon.

This is by far the best drop in trigger system that has been seen to date. I look forward to seeing other great devices this company will develop.

                       Gunners Mates Chief (SW/AW/EXW)  Johnny Peques Retired

Wow. I have a Timney trigger in one of my AR’s and two of trheir Mosin Nagant triggers, and I have been very pleased with them. I bought your match trigger for my AR, just to try something different. The Timney triggers are really nice, but the first time I squeezed the ELF trigger, I knew exactly where that little extra bit of money went. I can’t believe it. It’s the best feeling trigger EVER. All one has to do is flex that little bit of muscle tissue in the trigger finger, and the shot breaks beautifully. I’m sold out. What an incredible product. I don’t know what else to say. It’s unlike anything. Quality triggers have been the best money I’ve spent in my shooting hobby, and give the most satisfaction for a dollar spent, and the ELF trigger is the pinnacle of perfection. Period.

-Wade Sprayberry


My opinion . …. Best damn triggers on the market ! !!!!!! I have personally had a conversation with Art at Elftmann. Outstanding gentleman! He will 100% take care of any issues that may arise. I cannot say enough great things about the product and service. Folks do yourselves a favor…. Get an Elftmann trigger!!!!!!! Thanks again Art!

-Paul Nicholas III

Best customer service in the industry! And best trigger in the industry! You guys rock!!

-Richard Brewster


The best trigger I have pulled. There is no travel and the break is crisp. The only thing I can compare the break to is that of a glass rod snapping. This will be the only trigger I buy for all of my builds.

-Kyle Gilbert


Best triggers on the market.. Don’t need to change anything, absolutely perfect..

-Luke Griffis


Insane reset and super clean break. Highly recommended

-Phillip Mattei


Bad ass shit.. awesome triggers.. ran 1200 round 600 223 & 600 300 blackouts through this trigger system.. NOT ONE PROBLEM, NOT ONE… I suggest you think about this set up.. it’s fucking awesome.. THANKS ELFTMANN it’s the best thing since I found it.. you guys keep on rocking, and a big thank you for the challenge to destroy it and I tried but it was impossible…

Urban Armament, LLC recommends this trigger set up in all your AR platform’s…

-Michael S. Haynes


Best trigger on the market! Very high quality product.

-Philip Kellum

Just installed my ELF 308 trigger. What a difference! Super happy I chose Elftmann!

-Shane Epperson


Best triggers out there! Great service and great warranty

-John Hazzard

The 3 gun is absolutely the best trigger I have ever owned! I plan on purchasing two more.

-Cullen Molamphy

I’m proud to announce that I will be using the Elftmann Tactical triggers for all my IPSC Rifle competitions. Having tried a lot of different triggers, this is the one I fell for. The trigger pull is very “JP-like”, but with Elf I have the added possibility for easy adjustments and to go perfectly low on the trigger weight. Install on my JP Rifles CTR-02 was very easy. This year’s pinnacle will be the European IPSC Rifle Championship in Hungary with some of the world’s best shooters – wish me luck!

-Erik Bvall

Got mine installed and have about 500 rounds through it. Absolutely love it so far, the reset is sick. No pretravel. This thing is fantastic!

-Billy York

A lot of triggers have great pull weights, NONE have the RESET and absence of CREEP the Elftmann Tactical has. I just installed the 3 Gun edition into a new competition rifle and There’s Nothing Like it.
Its insane how good this thing feels.
And it Breaks like Glass!!

-Matt Sanders

The ease of installation and the smoothness on trigger pull is awesome. I also like the fact that I could adjust pull weight without removing trigger. I highly recommend this product to anyone that wants to change out triggers themselves.

-Clay Pitre


Elftmann 3gun is the Best trigger out there. Can’t beat it

-Dustin Boram


Best trigger I’ve tried

-Wayne Semenko

I decided to roll the dice and take a chance on something new. I went with the service trigger and I have not been disappointed. It was super easy to install, and I love the smooth, crisp, break of this trigger. Slick as snail shit, and absolutely recommended.

-Matthew Jewell


Absolutely the best trigger available for the AR platform… I experienced the feel with a K&M Arms M17S bullpup…I was immediately sold! These ELF triggers come standard on K&M Arms line of products and it’s easy to see why…they are awesome!

-Raul A. Monreal III

Been doing some T&E on the ELF 3-Gun trigger and I have to say that I’m quite impressed. Amazing quality. Trigger pull is smooth as glass with a really nice break and it’s super easy to set. I’m a fan of flat triggers so this trigger has it all and will be hanging out in my 3-Gun rifle from now on.

-Brett Johnson


Great customer service!! I had an issue with my new trigger, and they sent me replacement parts right away no questions asked!! Great company with great products!

-Al Carp

Love mine! Had a CMC before and that was great but this is a step above. Would not change it for the world

-Lou Mendez

Absolutely love this trigger

-Errol Gallarde


This is the first trigger I got from you guys. This thing rocks! I have shown this to a few of my shooting buddies, now they are going to be ordering it as well. Great performance!

-Carl Dominguez


The Elftmann trigger is the best AR15 trigger I have tried. I could tell that this trigger was a well made top tier trigger as soon as I got it. After using the service trigger that I put in my AR15, I am very impressed the trigger breaks super clean. The operation feels nice and smooth. This is a great trigger. I highly recommend these triggers .

-Yavapai college Gunsmithing program graduate Colin Jorgensen

Great trigger! and the owner went above and beyond helping me match and fit my new trigger. Anyone looking to buy a drop in fully customizable and adjustable trigger this is the one, don’t waste your time or money with any other company.

-Kyle Vance


Great trigger, nice feel and fair pricing!

-Dianne Thompson

I use nothing but Elftmann Tactical Triggers in ALL of my AR-15 builds and HIGHLY recommend them to any shooter that want the fastest lock time, smoothest trigger pull and most crisp trigger break that they have ever felt. Everyone that shoots an Elftmann trigger falls in love with the first shot!

-Jason Pfannenstiel 

Florio Progri


Hello there , My name is Florio Progri and recently I had the honor to speak to Mr Art Elftmann Sr and I wanted to say a few words about the great job and fantastic communication I experienced with your Company . I did not know how to put this on your website, but if you can post this for me I would be a very happy man knowing that my feedback would be heard . Here is my testimonial :   

Hi there, 

I am  3 gun guy and few months ago I was introduced to a fantastic trigger THE ELFTMANN TACTICAL . And when I say fantastic trigger I mean it with the full meaning of the word . Over the years I have the chance to try a dozen or more of the best triggers on the market on my rifles and I was not in a hurry to get a new trigger but now I understand what I was missing without THE ELF TRIGGER .  It is by far the best trigger I have ever run and I think it will be a long long time before someone will come with a better trigger unless are the guys from ELFTMANN. 

3 Gun guys or any of you shooters out there wherever you are I am not urging you to buy those triggers but just try them , and I know with 100% certainty once you try it you will get it . I can not say enough great words about this Company and about this trigger. 

SIX stars out of FIVE . Thank you ELFTMANN TACTICAL .