ELF ASS (Elftmann Ambidextrous Speed Safety) Gear Review

A cross-bolt safety for the AR-15? It's crazy, but it works! This is the Ambidextrous Speed Safety from Elftmann Tactical, makers of my favorite AR drop-in trigger unit.

Full write-up on TTAG coming soon
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Gear Review: Elftmann Tactical Drop-In AR-15 Triggers

Review of Elftmann Tactical drop-in AR-15 ELF trigger by Jeremy from Truth About Guns. The ELF Drop-In Match Trigger has been built for performance. Watch as the trigger reset and travel is tested in detail...

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Guns & Ammo

GunsandAmmo_Tarr AE
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Building the Lightest AR Possible


GunsAndTactics.com set out to build the lightest AR-15 rifle possible. They more than accomplished that mission with an AR-15 weighing less than 5 pounds featuring our ELF 3-Gun Trigger.

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Elftmann Triggers Sneak Peak

This is a teaser for Jeremy's upcoming full review for The Truth About Guns
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Elftmann Tactical Triggers - Hank Strange

Hank Strange spends time at the range with Elftmann Marketing Director Steve Watts covering the unique features of our ELF Ar-15 drop-in modular trigger systems...

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Markus Fox and the Elftmann Trigger

Country music singer and former Marine Markus Fox talks about his AR-15 rifle featuring our ELF AR-15 drop-in trigger system...

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AR-15 - Elftmann Trigger Installation & Overview

NSZ 85's full installation of the ELF AR-15 match Trigger and AR-15 Non-Rotating Anti-walk Trigger and Hammer Pins...

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Practically Tactical

On Target: Elftmann Tactical

Practically Tactical spends time with Marketing Director Steve Watts talking about the ELF AR-15 trigger and what separates it from the rest of the competition...

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