ELF ASS (Elftmann Ambidextrous Speed Safety) Gear Review

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A cross-bolt safety for the AR-15? It's crazy, but it works! This is the Ambidextrous Speed Safety from Elftmann Tactical, makers of my favorite AR drop-in trigger unit.

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Guns & Ammo

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Elftmann Triggers Sneak Peak

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This is a teaser for Jeremy's upcoming full review for The Truth About Guns

Practically Tactical

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On Target: Elftmann Tactical

D-TR Dual Trigger Reviewed in the Tallahassee Gun Forum

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"Someone actually approached me asking if my rifle was fully automatic."

- Garrett Lucas We are pleased to announce a new review of the Elftmann Tactical AR-15 Dual Trigger (D-TR) by Garrett Lucas in the Tallahassee Gun Forum. Garrett braved the Florida thunderstorms last weekend and shot with the original D-TR double trigger at the Talon Range in Tallahassee. Garrett has written an excellent review, complete with pictures of the process, from opening the box to his final target groupings. He reports that when shooting with the D-TR, alternating between your index finger and middle finger makes it easer to shoot "a LOT faster". He also found that accuracy with the D-TR was "awesome" and muzzle climb was "easily controllable", after some practice. We are thrilled that Garrett enjoyed his experience with the D-TR Dual Trigger, and we're certain he'll like our 4 new drop-in models as well! Click to read the review and see the pictures.  

Video Review of the D-TR Dual Trigger by Steve Durant

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"It will definitely increase your shooting speed and your accuracy."

- Steve Durant Steve Durant from Making Master Class has published an excellent video review of the Elftmann Tactical AR-15 Dual Trigger (D-TR), which is now available on YouTube. Durant is a competitive shooter and has tested and reviewed an extensive number of guns and gun modifications. Here's a list of some the key features of the D-TR that Steve said he was impressed by:
  • Increases shooting speed and accuracy by reducing pull weight by about 50% (without inducing muzzle climb)
  • The only double trigger currently available on the market for a firearm
  • Gives you the ability to use two fingers instead of one, allowing for better leverage
  • Fits any mil-spec AR-15 with a standard removable trigger guard
  • Lower portion of the trigger reduces pull weight down to about 2.5 pounds
  • Made of hard anodized aluminum with steel incorporated to increase strength
  • Very innovative product, new to the market
  • A unique style, interesting look to the trigger
  • Made in the U.S.A.
This is the first of what we anticipate will be many positive video reviews from experienced shooters who have had a chance to test out the D-TR Dual Trigger for themselves. Catch the wave and get your own D-TR dual trigger today! *Also, you can support Steve by subscribing to his YouTube channel, MakingMasterClass.

No Guns Allowed - WePay.com

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On Sunday morning we received a series of emails from our (former) e-commerce payment provider, WePay.com, that left us a little disappointed. The emails came in rapid-fire succession, with the first saying there was a problem withdrawing funds from our holding account for a recent D-TR purchase. After reading this first email we were left scratching our heads. A second email came in a moment later stating that a refund had been issued to the customer of said D-TR purchase. Now we were starting to get a little concerned. A third email came in just seconds after that saying that our account couldn't be verified, and that all pending payments would be cancelled and we could no longer use the account. "Ok", we thought, "there must be some sort of technical glitch here that needs to be resolved--some sort of account authentication must have fallen through the cracks". After reviewing the support page, we sent a support ticket describing the emails that we had received and asking what needed to be done to validate our account and get us back up as quickly as possible. WePay wrote us back this morning (Monday) and informed us that the D-TR falls into a category of products that can't be processed through WePay, and in fact, break their terms of service. That category is: "Weapons including replicas and collectible items". So we were blacklisted. Shut down right then and there. We understand where WePay is coming from¦ really. We believe they have the right to do business - or not to do business - with whomever they choose; it's a free country. What we didn't understand and what upset us was the manner in which our business relationship was terminated. The emails we were sent were unclear and contained misleading and incorrect information:
  • One email indicated that "[Our] account can not be verified" which could have been more clear had it instead said "You are in violation of the WePay terms of service" and then, you know, listed exactly what term it was that we were violating. Instead the email we received left us confused and unsure of what the solution would be; not to mention our miscalculation there was the possibility of a solution at all, which in the end was not an option.
  • That same email also indicated that "[we] will be able to withdraw [our] available balance". This ended up being blatantly false, as an email appearing seconds later notified us that the available balance we had was automatically refunded to our most recent customer… yikes.
We had chosen WePay because they actually seemed to provide a pretty awesome service; offering options that we couldn't find with other BIG companies like PayPal or Google Checkout. In the end though, it was us who failed to identify that the terms of service agreement didn't deem our product appropriate. But then, when was the last time anyone actually dug deep and read a full terms of service agreement to ensure that the product they were selling wasn't - and this is seriously in the WePay Terms of Service - "dependent upon sorcery, magic, enchantment, or other forms of yet-to-be explained science"? Regardless though, we wouldn't be writing this if it wasn't for the way WePay terminated our relationship. The instantaneous cutting of the cord without any real indication of why, and with the disregard for the financial transactions we had made just wasn't in good taste. Despite our sadness, we may use WePay again in the future for more "politically correct" products. We are though, given some of the recent gun and gun sales controversy, pretty curious about how other people view situations like this. What do you think?

Trigger Turbo Boost - Rifle Firepower Magazine

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"Alternating between both trigger fingers, or using the lower section of the trigger alone, I found it's possible to fire an Elftmann-equipped AR-15 fast enough to bring the range master running."

- Clair Rees, Rifle Firepower, July 2013. The Elftmann AR-15 Dual Trigger was recently reviewed in an article appearing in the July 2013 issue of Rifle Firepower magazine as well as online at riflefirepower.com. We are very pleased with the review by Clair Rees, as it brought out many of the key benefits of the D-TR, including:
  • A pull-weight about 50% lighter than that of a standard AR-15 trigger
  • The lower end of the trigger reduces pull-weight to a crisp 2.25 pounds
  • Allows for rapid fire with barely noticeable muzzle climb
  • Fits any mil-spec AR-15 with a removable trigger
  • A D-TR equipped rifle shoots 20% faster than a standard AR
  • Increase in firing accuracy primarily due to the lighter pull weight
  • A very sturdy trigger assembly designed for rugged, trouble-free service
The article also provides practical advice on shooting technique, noting that maximum fire volume can be achieved by quickly alternating between index and middle finger. As far as accuracy is concerned, the reviewer reports that three-round groups at 100 yards typically shrank from an average of 0.68 inch to 0.52 inch between centers. We are excited to receive such a positive and in-depth review of our product in a well-known magazine like Rifle Firepower. Their reviewers are among some of the most trusted names in the shooting and hunting industry, and we look forward to seeing the D-TR make a splash in even more articles down the road. Learn more about the review at RifleFirepower.com, or click to read the full article as a PDF.

Inside Product News - Rifle Magazine

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"One of the more imaginative add-on accessories for AR-15 rifles is the new patent-pending double trigger by Elftmann Tactical."

- Clair Rees, Rifle Magazine, March 2013. We are excited to announce that the Elftmann Tactical AR-15 Dual Trigger (D-TR) is currently featured in the March-April 2013 issue of Rifle Magazine. Writing in the Inside Product News section of the publication, author Clair Rees refers to the D-TR as "one of the more imaginative add-on accessories for AR-15 rifles". In the article, Rees touches on several of the key benefits of the dual trigger:
  • The lower trigger has a pull weight 50 to 60 percent lower than that of a standard trigger
  • It fits any mil-spec AR-15 with a removable trigger
  • The reduction in trigger weight makes precision shooting easier
One advantage of the D-TR that is specifically highlighted in the piece is its lighter pull weight. The author explains that in her testing of the product, the upper trigger broke with less than 5.25 pounds of pressure, and the bottom trigger pull was just 2.25 pounds. According to Rees, that's a big plus when shooting prairie dog-sized critters at a long distance. The article also mentions the video on our website providing complete step-by-step instructions on installation. According to Rees, the video is a "vital visual aid that simplifies the process and shows what to avoid when mating the trigger to the rifle". The D-TR Dual Trigger is 100% manufactured in the U.S. and is made of lightweight aircraft aluminum, strengthened at critical points by hardened steel. Designed to take advantage of the extra leverage gained from using two fingers instead of one, The D-TR is the most versatile trigger on the market! Click to read the full Rifle Magazine article in PDF format.

D-TR Dual Trigger Featured in Shooting Illustrated

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"The Elftmann Tactical Dual Enhancement Trigger combines the utility of a battle rifle trigger with accuracy-fostering characteristics of a designated-marksman rifle in a single product."

- Bob Boyd, Shooting Illustrated, October 2012. There is an excellent review of the Elftmann Tactical Dual Trigger (D-TR) in Shooting Illustrated this week, and we are excited to share it with you here on our blog as well. The article by Bob Boyd dives into some of the more nuanced benefits of the D-TR, while remaining faithful to the core advantages it provides as well. Anyone who is familiar with the D-TR knows that the dramatically reduced pull weight of the lower trigger (55-60% lighter than a standard trigger) greatly reduces finger fatigue, adds much needed leverage, and allows for better speed and accuracy with the rifle. They also appreciate the fact that the D-TR fits any mil-spec AR-15 with a removable trigger, that it's made of high quality material including light weight aircraft-grade aluminum, and it's easy to install. But what Boyd is also able to bring out in the article is that the D-TR is loaded with many additional benefits that may not be quite as obvious at first glance. One of those benefits is that the trigger is actually designed as a single component with dual bows, not two separate components as it would appear just from looking at it. From a design standpoint, that simplifies the gun mod because it replaces a single part, it doesn't add an extra one, which would overcomplicate the AR-15's already battle-proven design. The Shooting Illustrated article also highlights how the D-TR can benefit a wide variety of firearm enthusiasts, including black-rifle collectors, casual tinkers, competitive shooters, hunters, those with physical disabilities such as disabled veterans, current military, and law enforcement personnel. Boyd admits to being skeptical of the D-TR prior to using it, but afterwards describes his experience with the product as "quite positive" and calls it "a simple solution to the AR-platform's age-old problem of inherently bad triggers". We couldn't agree more! The D-TR is the most versatile trigger on the market today, and has something to offer AR-15 enthusiasts of every stripe. Read the full article at ShootingIllustrated.com